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“The Slave Power is the Money Power”: voice from 1896

September 27, 2011

Note from 2011: As we begin to wake from the 100 year long slumber of ignorance induced by the Money Powers, we’re finding that the questions we’re asking aren’t new or original. We’ve stopped asking them because, due to the previously mentioned ignorance, we didn’t have enough information to even formulate the questions in the first place.

The Money Powers completely captured the US government in 1913 with the imposition of the Federal Reserve on an unsuspecting America. The Money Powers are, and always have been, slavers.

Slaves no more. Your chains will break with the merest touch should you choose to lose them.

Honest and Dishonest Money by J.H. Wood

Railroad Trainmen’s Journal
December, 1896

Nothing is seemingly more common these days than the cry of “Sound Money.” The party organs and the press generally, as well as politicians are continually arguing on all sides of the finance question, in which has been lately added the question of honest money.

John Davis, M. C, had an article in the Arena of February, 1894, on honest and dishonest money.

It would have been far better for the readers of the Arena if Congressman Davis had first told his readers what constitutes MONEY.

The Constitution of the United States declares that Congress shall have power to coin money and regulate the value thereof and of foreign coins, but it nowhere authorizes nor intimates that Congress shall delegate that power to any one else. It is absolutely certain, therefore, that no bank notes, bills of credit, nor anything else is money in any sense except that which is coined and issued by Congress. It is plain, therefore, that Congress has criminally violated the Constitution ever since the first Congress had a session. It is also true that by that criminal violation of the plain words of the Constitution there has never been any true or honest money in circulation in the country.

“The president of the United States,” says Mr. Davis, “by calling an extra session of Congress; the members of Congress by their speeches during this special session, and the widespread and very earnest discussion of the subject in the public press, and on the political platform, have given to the money question a prominence which it has always deserved but never attained in this country until now. By the repeal of the silver compromise measure of 1890, the gold standard party have crossed the rubicon, and, in my opinion, there is no probability that it will retreat.”

After the repeal of the Missouri compromise law in 1851, the Slave Power in this country would not consent to either halt or retreat. After taking that step it was doomed to either win or die. It was proud, aggressive and tyranical. Slavery was declared to be as old as the world and as universal as man, and the ownership of labor by capital was said to be the normal condition of the human race. It was argued that in all countries and in all times slavery had predominated over peoples and governments, and its haughtiness knew no bounds.

So now, the Money Power. It oppresses and claims the right to oppress All peoples, and there is no limit to its aggressions or to its greedy demands.

It would seem as if every man, woman and child must see the truth of the above statements, and yet, even the writer, does not realize the important truth he is writing about. What Mr. Davis calls the Slave Power is identical with what he calls the Money Power of today. There is no question in my mind but that the Usurers of all countries, who actually constitute the Money Power were the leading members of the convention which after four months of wrangling and discussion gave the people the constitution that has brought the nation to its present condition.

The constitution found the country in a condition of slavery, and left it so without any direct declaration for or against it. But by giving to congress the power to lay and collect taxes it plainly established slavery as the normal absolute condition of life.

I can remember, and so can thousands of old men, how slowly and little by little the condition of the black people in the South was brought before the people as slavery in contradistinction to the white race in the North, while the condition of the poor white trash of the South were cited to show the affect of slavery of the Negro. Yet as a matter of fact the same laws and conditions prevailed all over the nation. As a plain matter of fact the condition of the people everywhere is the direct effect and consequence of the constitution under which we live, the power to lay and collect taxes being the only possibe cause and producer of slavery in any and every land on earth.

So now the Money Power, “the Usurers,” dominate all governments, as they always have done in all past history. Mr. Davis says truly, “The Money Power does not (now) Seize the man in person; it prates loudly of liberty; but it Seizes all the Resources of life and the agencies of commerce, and then bids men live or die as best they can. It has established a slavery less merciful than chattel slavery, rather, it has changed the different conditions of the people in slavery, so as that all are a hundred times more oppressed, and life is made a hundred times less worth living or preserving than it was forty, or sixty, or a hundred years ago,” condemning all labor regardless of age, sex, race or color to death or permitting life on the hardest possible terms.

This is the Money Power, the Usurers, of the world, and the dangers in which it involves the peoples of the world constitute the importance of the money question in civilized society. Yet Mr. Davis does not comprehend the true power of the Usurers. The Constitution of the United States declares that congress shall have power to coin money and regulate the value thereof, but it does not declare nor intimate that congress shall have power to delegate to the Usurers the power to coin money, nor to issue their debts in the form or semblance of money, nor to issue and regulate the value or amount of money that Bhall circulate in the hands of the people, yet all this has been done by every congress that has ever held a session. Nor is this all. The power to lay and collect taxes is the only power on earth that did or ever can enslave any people, and the Usurer is the only person on earth that has any strong reason for taxation, no one but the Usurers could have any objection to the abolition of all taxation.

If there were no taxation, and Congress should coin all money, and with it pay all public expenses for which taxes have been collected, there would be no possible chance for usury or debt. Then all need for the gallows, prisons, jails or police would disappear. It is then quite plain that the Money Power, “the Usurers”, are the only ones who are deeply interested in taxation and debt, as the only means of their living upon the people.

Strictly speaking, says Mr. Davis, money is not a material substance, but a function of office, which may be attached to any material which will take and retain the impression, by law or by accepted custom. The material thus endowed with the money function is good money. This is a contradiction. He has just said that the function, and not the material, is money. Judge Tiffany, in his work on constitutional law, says (Section 402): ”Much has been said about paper money, and gold money, and
silver and copper money; but, after all, such language is misleading and deceptive. There is no such thing, legally, as gold money, or silver or paper money. Money is the measure of price or value, is the sovereign authority impressed upon and attached to that which will take and retain the impression of authority. It is the recognized presence of sovereignty in the market, and in the court, applying the measure and determining the qualities of exchanges of commodities between subject and subject, between peasant and prince, between crown and people.”

Therefore, it is plain that Congress, in delegating to the Usurers the power to issue their debts as a substitute for money, and allowing them to control the issue, and thereby control the amount of money issued, committed the greatest crime against the people and humanity that can be conceived of.

There has been assembled a convention of idle workingmen daily in front of the city hall in Detroit, Mich., for many weeks past, numbering all the way from 200 to 1,000, standing all day packed like sardines, trying to settle the question of gold money or free silver. Sometimes there are discussions going on every five or ten feet apart, and sometimes one or two speakers hold forth, and hold the attention of the crowd. But there is no prospect that the question can be decided by them. Yet, if Congress were compelled to fulfill the duty prescribed by the constitution, by coining all money and pay it out for all public expenses, there could be no excuse or reason for taxation, nor debt nor usury, and every kind of evil in the country would disappear.

Mr. Davis quotes from history to show how the legal tender paper of the American colonies assisted the people to become so prosperous that it astonished the people of England, and as soon as parliament and their masters, the Usurers, learned the means by which the people were prospering, they enacted laws forbidding the payment of taxes in paper, and making the legal tender unlawful. This act produced such great inconvenience and misery to the people that it was the principal cause of the Revolution.

A far greater reason for a general uprising than the tea and stamp act was the taking away of the paper money. Mr. Davis quotes as follows;

“We are told that there is no instance of a government paper that did not depreciate. In reply I affirm that there is none assuming the form that I propose, that ever did depreciate. Whenever a paper receivable in the dues of a government had anything like a fair trial it has succeeded.-‘

It may throw light on this subject to state that North Carolina, just after the revolution, issued a large amount of paper, which was made receivable in dues to her; it was also made a legal tender, but which of course, was not made obligatory after the adoption of the constitution. A large amount, say between four and five hundred thousand dollars, remained in circulation after that period, and continued to circulate for more than twenty years at par with gold and silver, with no other advantage than being received in the revenues of the state, which was much less than a hundred thousand dollars per annum. That short discussion and allusion to the money of North Carolina, shows what all, history proves, that in all cases where a government paper has had a fair chance it has succeeded.

It will be noted that the quality of legal tender begets a fair and full redemption of money with value. All true money is legal tender. Gold and silver coin without the legal tender quality is not money. The old trade dollar, after July 1876, was not money, because the legal tender quality was repealed at that time. Paper currency without the legal tender quality is not money. It lacks one of the requisite qualities of money; it is like a steam engine without a piston. It won’t work. But with the quality of legal tender for debts and dues, paper notes, issued by a responsible government are good money.

It is strange that Mr. Davis nor any one else seems to see the fact that the bankers, the Usurers all over the world are deadly enemies to all money, and in all cases they are the cause of the discrimination against legal tender paper, and silver, because every dollar of money in circulation displaces one of their counterfeits Bank notes are not money, yet the Usurers are allowed to contract the amount, and thereby the value of all money and all commodities, and so long as they are permitted to do so they will prevent the circulation of money at all by drawing it into their pawn shops and keeping it there.

It is, therefore, true that there is really never any honest money in circulation in any country. There can never be but one way to have ” honest money ” in circulation, and that is to amend the Constitution of the country by striking out all power to collect taxes, prohibit the issue or use of bank notes, or anything else as a substitute for money, and making it the imperative duty of Congress to coin and iasue all money, a full legal tender and pay it out to the people for all dues and expenses for which taxes have been collected. That means freedom for the first time in all history. It will remove all evil and make life worth living to all people.

The times are portentious; very many people feel assured that evil is growing greater every day; the Usurers have with drawn and secreted nearly all of what has been used as money, and they spent much to influence the election in favor of the gold standard. The times appear to many old men very much as they were before 1860. What makes it appear worse, is that in those times about three-fourths of the wages were then paid in store orders, while to-day all wages are supposed to be paid in money, though not more honest than the store orders. There is no time to waste, “en ist zeit zu Arbeiten”, as the German says. Put the axe at the root of the tree of evil. Let this be the day of our salvation. He that would be free now let him strike the blow.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Interesting reference to “store orders” – we know them today as ‘gift cards’, of which various examples are now being used as employee bonuses by large corporations.

  2. LibertyTreeBud permalink

    “Good Grief!”

  3. You know it’s not all about money, there’s something else to be gleaned from this financial crisis we’re in the middle of.

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