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“Very pleased we have entered into relations again with American Government” -Rothschilds, 1878

October 27, 2011

“The present is a mystery only to those who’ve slept through history.”

For most, the events and concerns of the present day are a Gordian knot of impenetrable confusion. Schools, the mass media and our own politicians appear to do all they can to add to the muddle by not informing the public of our own history. This writer ascribes it to widespread ignorance, not to any conspiracy on the part of the airheads in media and politics. We’ve all slept through history, now we must do our best to wake each other up.

In a 1787 letter to Thomas Jefferson, John Adams said:

“All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise, not from defects in their Constitution or Confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from the downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation.”

Our downright ignorance is killing us and others around the world. In a small effort to dispel a tiny bit of ignorance, please bear with me while I attempt to untangle a part of the knot.

In 1878, the Rothschilds were back in business with the US government (after having been chased out of DC by Andrew Jackson in the 1830’s), as detailed by this cable discussing the Rothschild refinancing of American debt:

Messrs. Rothschild & Sons to Mr. Sherman.
[Cable message.]

April 12,1878.
Hon. John Sherman,
Secretary of the Treasury, Washington D. C.:

Very pleased we have entered into relations again with American Government. Shall do our best to make the business successful.


We’ve now established that the Rothschilds “entered into relations” with the US government in 1878.

Less than 20 years later, in Feb. 1895, the Rothschilds stepped in to save a floundering US Treasury, a floundering that they no doubt helped along, because that’s how the mindset of a loanshark operates:


This agreement entered into this eighth day of February, 1895, between the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, of the first part, and Messrs. August Belmont and Company, of New York, on behalf of Messrs. N. M. Rothschild and Sons, of London, England, and themselves, and Messrs. J. P. Morgan and Company, of New York, on behalf of Messrs. J. S. Morgan and Company, of London, and themselves, parties of the second part.

Witnesseth: Whereas it is provided by the Revised Statutes of the United States (section 3700) that the Secretary of the Treasury may purchase coin with any of the bonds or notes of the United States authorized by law, at such rates and upon such terms as he may deem most advantageous to the public interests; and the Secretary of the Treasury now deems that an emergency exists in which the public interests require that, as hereinafter provided, coin shall be purchased with the bonds of the United States, of the description hereinafter mentioned, authorized to be issued under the act entitled “An act to provide for the resumption of specie payments,” approved January 14, 1875, being bonds of the United States described in an Act of Congress approved July 14, 1870, entitled “An act to authorize the refunding of the national debt.”

Now, therefore, the said parties of the second part hereby agree to sell and deliver to the United States three million five hundred thousand ounces of standard gold coin of the United States, at the rate of $17.80441 per ounce, payable in United States four per cent thirty-year coupon or registered bonds, said bonds to be dated February 1, 1895, and payable at the pleasure of the United States after thirty years from date, issued under the acts of Congress of July 14,1870, January 20, 1871, and January 14, 1875, bearing interest at the rate of four per cent per annum, payable quarterly.

First.—Such purchase and sale of gold coin being made on the following conditions:

(1) At least one-half of all coin deliverable hereinunder shall be obtained in and shipped from Europe, but the shipments shall not be required to exceed three hundred thousand ounces per month, unless the parties of the second part shall consent thereto.
(2) All deliveries shall be made at any of the subtreasuries or at any other legal depository of the United States.
(3) All gold coins delivered shall be received on the basis of twenty-five and eight-tenths grains of standard gold per dollar, if within limit of tolerance.
(4) Bonds delivered under this contract are to be delivered free of accrued interest, which is to be assumed and paid by the parties of the second part at the time of their delivery to them.

Second.—Should the Secretary of the Treasury desire to offer or sell any bonds of the United States on or before the first day of October, 1895, he shall first offer the same to the parties of the second part; but thereafter he shall be free from every such obligation to the parties of the second part.

Third.—The Secretary of the Treasury hereby reserves the right, within ten days from the date hereof, in case he shall receive authority from Congress therefor, to substitute any bonds of the United States, bearing three per cent interest, of which the principal and interest shall be specifically payable in United States gold coin of the present weight and fineness for the bonds herein alluded to: such three per cent bonds to be accepted by the parties of the second part at par, i. e.: at $18.60466 per ounce of standard gold.

Fourth.—No bonds shall be delivered to the parties of the second part, or either of them, except in payment for coin from time to time received hereunder; whereupon the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States shall and will deliver the bonds as herein provided, at such places as shall be designated by the parties of the second part. Any expense of delivery out of the United States shall be assumed and paid by the parties of the second part.

Fifth.—In consideration of the purchase of such coin, the parties of the second part, and their associates hereunder, assume and will bear all the expense and inevitable loss of bringing gold from Europe hereunder: and, as far as lies in their power, will exert all financial influence and will make all legitimate efforts to protect the Treasury of the United States against the withdrawals of gold pending the complete performance of this contract.

In witness whereof the parties hereto have hereunto set their hands in five parts this 8th day of February, 1895.

J. G. Carlisle,
Secretary of the Treasury

August Belmont & Co.,
On behalf of Messrs. N. M. Rothschild & Sons, London, and themselves

J. P. Morgan & Co.,
On behalf of Messrs. J. S. Morgan & Co., London, and themselves

W. E. Curtis
Francis Lykde Stetson

Of course, less than 20 years after “saving” the US Treasury, the Rothschilds, through their proxy Paul Warburg of Kuhn, Loeb and Co., established the Third National Bank of America, known to us as the Federal Reserve.

In the 130+ years of making this business successful, we’ve seen the imposition of the Federal Reserve and its privately issued scrip, The IRS, the rise of the Military-Industrial Complex, numerous international wars and “police actions” and a host of other evils and ills that can be directly laid at the feet of private banking interests and their all too willing minions in our political and industrial classes. Greed is the root of all evil. This truth never changes.

Any change in this situation is not possible until a critical mass of thinking Americans are able to understand their own history and accept the fact that our entire economic lives have been spent in service to a tiny cartel of moneylenders. Until then, all the folderol about “campaign finace reform”, Republican vs. Democrat, conservative vs. liberal, environmental improvement, etc., is just that – folderol.

In closing, let’s have a look at JP Morgan’s take on the loan of 1895:

“On February 20, 1895, J.P. Morgan & Co. led a bond offering that helped rescue the United States from a severe two-year economic depression.”

Look at the 1895 contract again. The Rothschilds were first billing, JP Morgan second billing. Yet according to Morgan’s own history, they led the bond offering.

Moneylenders, agents of arrogance and cupidity that they are, lie about everything. Even their own history.

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  1. Arminius permalink

    Very interesting, thank you.

  2. You can’t change the Constitution by simply passing a law, there has to be a Constitutional Convention and any changes have to be voted into an Amendment by a super-majority of the Congress and the States.

    Besides stealing trillions of dollars of American wealth thru debt and inflation, the Fed has caused economic recessions and recently, even Fed head Bernanke admitted the Fed caused the first Great Depression.

    The Fed needs to be closed down, and since it has been engaging in unlawful criminal activities since 1914, that means it’s a continuing conspiracy and ALL the assets obtained as a result of that criminal activity of the private banking families that own the Fed can and should be confiscated.

    Just think what we could do with an extra 3-400 billion dollars a year we’d save by NOT paying the Fed gangsters interest.

    Interest that we are forced to pay to borrow OUR own money.

    • Bill permalink

      Ah yes but all that has come to mean nothing as the FED is firmly in control, and shall so remain.

  3. Please note the Rothschilds enslaved the US while on a gold/silver standard. The same system that Ron Paul supports.

    • tom dee permalink

      Every year but one that the Rithchild bank AKA Federal Reserve has had a decline in the purchase power of the dollar. THe present dollar has the purchase of a 1916 penny. Gold/silver is not enslavement but a stop from our congress not paying the bills. Gold/Silver is not a good system but I see nothing to stop our congress. Our congress just created a phony sale of $100 million each fighter jets. On paper Israel borrows the 9 billion dollars but future congress give Israel loans to pay the old loans. You cannot create phony dollars if you need to ghave something real backing the currency

    • So I guess we should just keep the corrupt, perverse, and debased fiat currency system we have now?

  4. Mike L permalink

    Very interesting and this ties in with some of the research I am doing, if you would like I could send you a personal word file with excerpts from Colonel Mandell House which clearly shows JP Morgan provided the draft framework of the Federal Reserve act directly to McAdoo (Woodrow Wilson’s Secretary of the Treasury, in August 1914, he served as an “ex-officio member” on the first Federal Reserve Board in Washington, DC.)

    Let me know !

  5. rom dee permalink

    About 1870 Prime Minister of England borrowed 4 million pounds to purchase the suez canal. Twenty years later british troops occupy England giving a land base to create a homeland for the Rorthchild religion which happens to be the location of massive land purchase in the future area of Israel. England offered a large portion of central africa for a homeland but it was rejected probable because the rothchild did not already own any of the land. How WWII would have been different had the future victims were not in Europe but the Zionist leaders elected the middle east was the only place even if they cried for a jewish homeland inside of Russia at first. The zionist leaders then wanted a homeland in South America. The car had arrived so homeland had to have oil

    • 0we'n'r0cairo permalink

      – – – -The French Rothschild bank, de Rothschild Frères obtains substantial amounts of Russia’s oil fields and forms the Caspian and Black Sea Petroleum Company, which quickly becomes the world’s second largest oil producer.

  6. 0we'n'r0cairo permalink

    [ ..:and, as far as lies in their power:.. ]

    – – – – – as*it turns, and turns, and turns
    Xactly the\/source of jusSuch poʬer

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