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In which Pamela Geller proves Ezra Pound’s point

August 12, 2012

Pamela “Shrug” Geller‘s group “American Freedom Defense Initiative” now has this ad running on buses in San Francisco:

Pound's Point

Oddly, this mirrors Ayn Rand’s opinion on the matter also:

“If you mean whose side one should be on, Israel or the Arabs, I would certainly say Israel because it’s the advanced, technological, civilized country amidst a group of almost totally primitive savages who have not changed for years and who are racist and who resent Israel because it’s bringing industry, intelligence, and modern technology into their stagnation.”

Ayn Rand, “Donahue”, 1979

The best thing you can say about Ezra Pound is that he was a brilliant polymath that influenced the artistic direction of a large share of the 20th century. The worst you can say about him is that he  was a racist and a fascist with an over-inflated sense of his own abilities.

But just because Ezra Pound was an overbearing asshole doesn’t mean that he didn’t have some insight.

In a 1943 radio speech over one of his Mussolini sponsored radio broadcasts, he said:

” It is the usurer’s game to hurl the savage against the civilized opponent. The game is not pretty, it is not a very safe game. It does no one any credit.”

Ezra Pound was being Frankie Carbone to Geller’s Tommy DeVito by pointing out the niceties of the game being played. Geller, Rand before her and many others keep playing this game that do none of us any good.

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  1. Really? That ad is on SF buses? I mean I know it’s San Francisco but this goes way beyond many ads rejected by various advertising venues. I guess the economy is so bad MUNI will take anything.

  2. Oddly? Is this not a pattern. And Pound was such an “overbearing asshole” that Eliot, James, Yeats, etc. fled from his company and denounced him, right? Or was that just that douchebag Frost?

  3. Problem is, Rand those “savages” as you called them hadn’t changed exactly because of USA’s actions.
    Yet another problem Rand dear is you conveniently forget history and how much math and sciences these “savages” as you called them contributed. Try doing multiplications with Roman numbers and let’s see how far you will get.
    Other than that, you just show what a racist you yourself really are.

  4. PH yeah forgot to mention rand dear, go back to collecting Social Security and using Medicare for your smoking . But keep on conveniently forgetting those two are Socialist systems, something that supposedly you personally despise.

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